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TDM 1874 Brewery is a brewery, restaurant bar, and liquor shop operated by Sakaguchiya, a long-established liquor store founded in 1874. We provide self-brewed craft beer, imported wine directly purchased from producers in Spain, Italy, and the finest sakes from across the country. We do onsite sales as well as do business wholesale. Please contact us below if you are interested.

What’s On Tap

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TDM 1874 Brewery was completed in January 2017. It’s a three vessel brewhouse (mash/boiling kettle, Lauter Tun, whirlpool) with four 4HL unitanks and two 8HL unitanks for fermentation and maturation. We usually brew 1-3 beers a week, tending to favour English and American styles, including English Bitter, pale ale, and IPA, although we have experimented with some German styles such as Kölsch and Gose. As of yet, we have only produced ale beers (no lagers). Our head brewer is George Juniper, who has previously brewed with Dark Star Brewing Co. in Sussex, England (2006-2011), Kiuchi Shuzo in Ibaraki (2011-2012), and Brimmer Brewing in Kawasaki (2012-2013).

Accolades and awards:
International Beer Cup 2017 – British Best Bitter (Bronze Medal)
Ratebeer.comBest New Brewer of 2017